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Swedish massage was developed by Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish fencer and gym instructor, after becoming acquainted with shiatsu. He designed his original approach for athletes, and it is very similar to what is known today as American sports massage. The goal of a Swedish massage is to improve circulation and muscle tone.

Many have found Swedish massage improves their . . .

– Muscle tone – Circulation
– Digestion and elimination
– Joint flexibility

It also reduces muscle tension, relieves swelling, and helps prevent muscle soreness.

Swedish massage is particularly important for athletes. Dr. S. Zerinsky, author of The Massage Handbook, states, “Muscles fatigued by work can be restored to 20% of their original strength after five minutes of rest. But, the same muscles can be restored to 100% of their original strength after only five minutes of Swedish massage.” Lastly, a Swedish massage can reactivate the immune system of an athlete that has reached the aerobic threshold – the point of exhaustion where the
immune system stops responding effectively.

Russian Sports Massage involves more advanced and sophisticated variations of massage. These refinements were designed during the past century to be used with Russia’s premier athletes. Russia’s medical community also conducted research and developed scientific findings relating to the nuances of massage therapy.

Russian Sport Massage differs in strength and pain. In the U.S., the prevailing belief of both athletes and massage therapists is “no pain, no gain,” Russians do not view pain so positive. Research by Russian doctors revealed that an athlete’s heart rate and blood pressure escalate rapidly if any pain is generated. And, after exercise, the body’s adrenaline is substantially below normal levels so that it is defenseless. At this time, an athlete’s body is not able to manage even a slight affliction, and injury is easily caused by improper massage. As a result, Russian sports massage therapists are trained to never inflict pain.

The second difference relates to the rhythm and flow of the movements. Russian sports massage utilizes rhythm and flow to mesmerize your muscles so that they begin to relax with just light pressure. Even the worst muscle spasms quickly release without any pressure or harsh rubbing.

Medical massage is used for injuries and diseases, and, for pathological conditions. There are several varieties of massage utilized during a session . . .

Medical massage also encompasses acupressure based on the Oriental philosophy of medicine. The sequence of motions will vary depending upon the condition. The number of sessions and frequency depends on the individual condition.

Among the many benefits of medical massage are . . .
– Reduced pain
– Increased joint mobility
– Improved blood circulation
– Decreased swelling
– Stimulated healing

It can be particularly important during the post-operative period when it accelerates rehabilitation of patients.

Shiatsu, literally translated as finger pressure, evolved in Japan. It follows the same principle as acupuncture. That is, pain and sickness result from energy blocks along the 14 meridians in the body. Pressure at various points along these meridians maintains balanced flows and unblocks any trapped energy. In shiatsu, finger, elbow, or knee pressure is used instead of needles.

Many find shiatsu not only relaxing, but extremely therapeutic. Shiatsu can be used for relief of pain because finger pressure on acupuncture-sensitive centers releases enkephalins, the body’s own painkillers. Arthritis pain and sinus congestion are two kinds of blockages that can be relieved very quickly using shiatsu.

Reflexology, also called zone therapy, is an ancient healing technique. It involves a scientific massage of the feet. Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet are minimaps of the body. Each organ, gland and body part is perfectly mirrored and connected to a corresponding area of the foot through a network of nerves. If there is a block in the
nervous system, the corresponding body part is adversely affected. A steady, even, and gentle pressure is applied to specific points in the feet. This pressure breaks down any blocks and improves energy flows. Reflexology can also improve your circulation, stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities, and eliminate stress and tension.

Hot rock massage is an approach that enhances a relaxation massage with deep penetrating heat. The heat comes from several lava stones that are placed near important muscles and joints. Other stones are used to rub muscles as the massage is done.

This may sound like just a gimmick, but the it’s not. There are real benefits from combining deep heat with the weight of a rock and the pressure of massage. Our hot rock massage . . .

– Decreases the pain of arthritis & muscle strain
– Restores circulation
– Enhances muscle relaxation
– Deepens impact to ligaments & tendons
– Increases flexibility
– Balances energy & chakras

Hot rock massage is a natural pain killer and it feels wonderful.

Energy work differs from shiatsu because no pressure is used. It includes Reiki, and polarity. Only the format and rituals differ among energy work. In all cases, the therapist uses a gentle touch. It is the energy radiating from the hands of
the therapist and the correct position of hands, instead of pressure, which revitalizes, harmonizes, and balances energy flows of the receiver.

The sensations felt by the receiver include peace, relaxation, pain relief, and rushes of energy and heat. Once energy blocks are released and flows are balanced, many persons have noticed immediate relief from migraines, shoulder aches, pinched nerves, and whiplash. The overall result is a balanced, unrestricted flow of energy through the body which integrates the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of a person.

During the acupressure facelift, finger pressure is applied to critical acupuncture points on the face, head, neck and shoulders. This pressure relieves tension and allows energy and blood to circulate more freely. It also stimulates the lymph system to carry away toxic deposits.

After just one session, you will feel relaxed and refreshed. Your face and skin will have a more youthful and healthy glow. Regular sessions produce more lasting results. Wrinkles soften, sags and bags firm, and a healthy glow returns.

This bodywork is designed for people with demading days and hectic schedules. We focus on key stress areas . . .

– Head
– Neck
– Shoulders
– Back

In just 25 minutes, you relax and stress-related aches and pains disappear. You will also find The Stress Less Express will increase your energy, clear your mind, improve your circulation, reduce any sinus congestion, and eliminate tension
headaches. It’s the quick revival for body and mind.

Our cooling pool is the best match for our heat inducing facilities. It provides the perfect cooling mechanism for a sauna or steam.

A Finnish sauna is perfect for those who prefer dry heat. The humidity level in a Finnish sauna is at most 6 percent. Even if you throw water on the rocks and create a “loyly,” a sudden burst of steam, the humidity will increase only slightly. A Finnish sauna is perfect for someone who wants to lie back and relax as they warm themselves. Many fans of dry heat also acknowledge a feeling of psychological peace and contentment from spending time in a Finnish sauna . . . a calming of even
anxiety or mental depression.

As pleasurable as a Finnish sauna may be, it also produces many benefits for your health. It creates an intensive cleansing for your skin and sweat glands. And, it stimulates your circulation. In addition, your senses will be sharpened and your tactile sensitivity heightened.

Aromatherapy can enhance your experience in a Finnish sauna. With the small size of a Finnish sauna, only a few drops of oils are needed to relax your mind, lift your mood or fight fatigue.

Steam baths have been part of history for centuries. The ancient Romans always had hot rooms in their bathhouses. The Turks were responsible for introducing the benefits of steam to Europe in the Middle Ages. A central steam chamber is
an integral part of any Muslim bathhouse.

The primary benefit of a steam room is its ability to warm your body quickly so that you can completely relax stiff, tense muscles and inflexible joints. Steam rooms are also effective for cleansing skin. Steam liquefies toxins and impurities hidden in even the smallest body channels. Once liquefied, your body can more easily eliminate these toxins and impurities. Once theses impurities are gone, your skin will regain its natural youth and softness.

Steam rooms are also effective for relieving coughs, sinus congestion and other lower respiratory symptoms.

Body scrubs have been a beauty treatment in Japan and Korea since feudal times. “Akasuri” or “Red Scrub” treatments combine the use of a sauna with body scrubs. “You clean and warm your body by taking a sauna and then have any remaining dirt, bacteria and dead skin removed with an abrasive cloth that makes you feel unbelievably clean.”

Our Asian body scrub begins with a brief visit to the sauna or steam room to prepare your body for the maximum benefits of a body scrub. By warming your body in the sauna or steam room, you soften the pores of your skin and relax your muscles. You are then ready to experience the maximum benefits of our exfoliating body scrub.

We first use soft exfoliating mitts to . . .

– Increase your circulation
– Stimulate lymphatic drainage
– Soften your skin.

We follow this with a vigorous massage with scrub cream. It’s the perfect treatment to remove dead cells and hydrate your skin. It also tones and restores vitality to sensitive and dry skin. We follow this with the application of our non-greasy, rich body milk. Our Asian Body Scrub produces hydrated skin that will feel silky smooth for days. It’s a quick treatment that makes you feel like you’ve spent hours at a spa.

For those who love the sun, seaweed works wonders when you’re overdone. You can’t match seaweed’s relief, especially when the burn is very recent. Seaweed is applied directly to those areas in pain. This emergency treatment takes only 30
minutes, but it’s what’s needed when you hurt. You will say good-bye to…

– Sunburn pain
– Swelling
– Blisters and peeling
– Tight, brittle skin

Refreshing, cooling, revitalizing seaweed can quickly relieve the burn and repair sun damage. Not only does it remove the toxins of sun over-exposure and pollution, it also re-mineralizes and refreshes your body. We complete this treatment with the application of a healing formulation of oils and algae.

Neurofeedback and biofeedback also provide extensive wellness benefits as you relax your mind and allow it to go into untapped depths of your brain.

The benefits of Moor mud are legendary and it has been used throughout history. It is now used to relieve aching muscles and joints, chronic rheumatic diseases, degenerative illnesses and injuries of the locomotive system. Scientists know
that Moor mud has a concentration of minerals with healing powers. It has even been found to aid insomnia.

The wondrous healing properties of Moor mud come from its unique origins. This special mud is taken from the bottom of a lake where the water’s temperature is maintained naturally at 98 degrees Fahrenheit. It is considered an organic mud because it is made from a 1000-year compost of fallen trees, rocks and other organic plant material. With the constant flow of water into this lake, the mud is continuously produced and circulated.

A one-time treatment will rejuvenate your muscles and refresh your skin. And it will get rid of a hangover. Moor Mud is also a natural exfoliant . . . it absorbs excess oils, tightens pores, decongests capillaries and aids circulation.

Moor Mud treatments are also very effective for minor illnesses such as colds and flu. You’ll find your head is less congested, your nose will stop running, the aches and pains are less, and you have the energy to heal yourself. For more serious medical conditions, a continuing program of three to four weeks is needed for healing applications.

Our herbal wrap is a perfect complement to a massage. Your body is wrapped in 100% natural muslin sheets that have been soaked in a special herbal blend. The herbal mixture we use blends the benefits of more than 1000 herbs, plants and flowers. It contains trace elements of these herbs, natural antibiotics and vitamins.

When your legs and hands are swollen and you’re exhausted, try a pregnancy seaweed reviver for comfort and relief. This treatment has been specially designed for the problems and cautions of pregnancy. Only seaweed is used because it is
one of the few spa treatments safe for your pregnancy. It gently stimulates a sluggish lymph drainage system or balances an overactive one. It’s safe and yet effective for gently removing excess toxins and restoring your energy. Most important, there is no increase in your body’s temperature . . . there’s no sweating . . .there are no harsh ingredients or additives. You relax and let the seaweed calmly remove excess toxins and replenish needed nutrients. Afterwards, you’ll feel refreshed and revitalized.

Maternity massage is an hour where you will feel pampered and peaceful. There are visible physical benefits as well – benefits that you need for a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy. In the first trimester, maternity massage can . . .

– Alleviate morning sickness
– Relieve headaches and sinus congestion
– Give you more energy.

The positive impacts shift to alleviating backaches, leg cramps, and sciatic-like pain during the second trimester. The most noticeable benefits during the last three months relate to swelling and insomnia. And throughout your pregnancy, the stimulation of the blood flow will assist in the prevention of anemia, a common ailment of pregnant women.

Most important, a maternity massage will enhance your relaxation by sedating the nervous system and soothing frazzled nerves. This is especially important because a healthy pregnancy is a peaceful pregnancy.

A maternity massage differs from a regular massage in several important ways. It is a light, pampering massage which increases your circulation and the removal of toxins from your cells and blood stream while producing the necessary level of relaxation. A gentle massage is necessary for a number of reasons. Most important, a strong massage is not
good for your baby. A strong massage produces a rapid increase in your heart rate and blood pressure which are not beneficial for your baby. Too much pressure in certain areas can also possibly lead to cramps and bleeding.

Other differences relate to . . .

– The positions of your body
– The areas of concentration

During the first and second trimester, a pregnant woman can still lie on her back easily and comfortably for a fairly long time. And, most of the massage is completed with you lying on your back. To massage your back, you will lie on your sides, with your spine as straight as possible. Pillows are placed under your legs and belly to insure your complete comfort.
Once you enter your last trimester, most of the massage will be completed with you lying on your sides.

During pregnancy, there will be a noticeable shift in time spent on certain areas. To maintain your circulation, your extremities, such as your hands and feet receive more attention. There will also be less time on your shoulders and lower back, just the areas that ache more and more. It is critical that these areas are massaged with care. Too much pressure on your lower back where the placenta is connected can possibly break a weak placenta connection. Pressure on other areas relating to Oriental meridian points for the vagina and cervix can prompt cramps and bleeding.

When your legs and hands are swollen and you’re exhausted, try a pregnancy seaweed reviver for comfort and relief. This treatment has been specially designed for the problems and cautions of pregnancy. Only seaweed is used because it
is one of the few spa treatments safe for your pregnancy. It gently stimulates a sluggish lymph drainage system or balances an overactive one. It’s safe and yet effective for gently removing excess toxins and restoring your energy. Most
important, there is no increase in your body’s temperature . . . there’s no sweating . . .there are no harsh ingredients or additives. You relax and let the seaweed calmly remove excess toxins and replenish needed nutrients. Afterwards,
you’ll feel refreshed and revitalized.

What’s critical for a prenatal facial is that many professional products cannot be used when you are pregnant. Too many ingredients are potentially harmful to the fetus. Even many essential oils cannot be used. Our prenatal facial has been
developed so that no harmful products or ingredients will be used. The second important element is how you are positioned. Once you have entered the second trimester, it is not beneficial for you to be lying flat on your back. You need to be sitting in a comfortable position. We position you so that you will be very comfortable and can totally relax totally. We will also make sure you can breathe easily. During our prenatal facial, your skin will be cleansed, soothed and relaxed. In addition, your lymphatic drainage system will be stimulated so that any excess melanin will be eliminated. Excess melanin is the cause of brown spots during pregnancy.

From our first moments of life, we are surrounded with tension and stress. We tighten muscles and create energy blocks as soon as we begin to breathe and move. But, this physical tension does not have to become a permanent part of our bodies. Baby bodywork can release early tension and maintain the flexibility and fluidity we need to grow easily and happily.

In our baby bodywork classes, new mothers and fathers learn . . .

– Polarity holds to comfort, relieve pain, and end crankiness;
– Massage strokes and techniques for relaxation, improved circulation, and immune system stimulation;
– Reflexology for common ailments; and
– Acupressure points that release gas and
. relieve indigestion.

The results? Babies sleep more soundly, they are more content, and their movements are easier and more fluid.

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