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Stress Less
Discover You, Stress Less – Donna Ross – CEO

As we all know, people with less stress are happier and more successful. The goal of our center is to provide a haven for relaxation and stress reduction. We offer a variety of approaches so that you can select whatever works best for you. There are numerous types of bodywork for releasing tension in your body . . . or you can just sit in our relaxation rooms and let the fountains and music calm your mind. Whatever you choose, we ant you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Just sit back and relax while you browse through our website. We offer everything from Massage, Body Wraps, Facials, Manicures and Pedicures.

At The Stress Less Step, we have developed our own form of relaxing bodywork called Relaxology. The goal of Relaxology is to provide complete relaxation. Research hasĀ found a relaxing massage to be equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. Our Relaxology can also put you in the Alpha state, the first level of meditation.

Relaxology involves a unique combination of the most relaxing aspects of massage, polarity, and acupressure. Most important, the Relaxologist maintains a constant attunement to you. This concentration insures the techniques and firm-
ness are perfectly matched to you.

Recent scientific research has shown that deep relaxation . . .

– Strengthens your immune system
– Lowers blood pressure
– Reduces cholesterol levels

Bodywork not only provides this deep relaxation, it releases muscle tension, and slows the heart and breathing rates. For frequent flyers, it can help reset biological clocks disrupted by jet lag.

Alternative Treatment: What is Chiropractic Care

Consider this: Both of your front tires are wearing unevenly on the inside. You purchase new tires to “cure” the problem; however, after another 5,000 miles, you find the tires are wearing again in the same place.

Replacing the tires was a temporary fix, because the real problem was that your car needed an alignment, which would have corrected the uneven wearing of the tires.

Replacing the tires eliminated the symptoms, but realigning the automobile is essential for optimal performance.

This illustration shows exactly what can happen to your body without chiropractic care.

While we do not offer Chiropractic in our clinic we often refer to our Tennessee partner and Auto Injury Doctor in Nashville. If in Tennessee be sure to visit theĀ Nashville Auto Injury Clinic.